Title: Lone Wolf

Written and illustrated by: Sarah Kurpiel

Greenwillow Books, 2020

For ages: 4-8

Themes/topics: family, belonging, identity, self-discovery, huskies

First page:

Maple loved being the Parker family dog.

Why I recommend this book:

Maple the husky is the adorable and beloved family dog. But she looks a lot like a wolf. So much so that people are always mistaking her for a wolf. And…she can do lots of things that wolves do. Is it possible that she IS a wolf? When Maple questions her identity and place in the family, she takes off for the place wolves belong — the wild!

But the wild is a tough and lonely place for Maple. She misses her pack! Can she make it home before dark? This beautifully illustrated picture book is a heartwarming story about identity and belonging. Highly recommended!


Check out the super fun LONE WOLF printable family portrait and maze activities via HarperKids.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: Lone Wolf

  1. As an introvert, my son often feels like a lone wolf. I keep telling him that there are other kids out there who can relate to his sensibilities. I hope that as he navigates to adulthood, he’ll find his pack.


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