Title: Hello, Little One: A Monarch Butterfly Story

Written by: Zeena Pliska

Illustrated by: Fiona Halliday

Page Street Kids, 2020

For ages: 4-8

Themes/topics: Monarch butterflies, metamorphosis, life cycles, inter-generational friendship

First page:

I crawl from green leaf to green leaf. Eating and waiting. Waiting for something other than these green leaves. Everything is green.

Summary (from the publisher):

Caterpillar crawls from leaf to leaf, eating and waiting, all alone in a big, green world. Then Orange appears―Orange floats, and flits, and flies, graceful and beautiful. In this sweet, moving story of intergenerational friendship, a small caterpillar is befriended by a glorious monarch butterfly, and together they learn to see the world through each other’s eyes.

Why I recommend this book:

This story makes wonderful use of accessible, lyrical language and colors – both in the text and in the art –  that put the reader inside the caterpillar’s perspective. As our small caterpillar, Little Green, eats and grows, she longs to be like Orange. She repeats, “I can’t wait to fly with Orange.” A sweet friendship grows as Orange prepares Green for life as a chrysalis…and for the end of Orange’s life cycle. At the story’s closing, there’s a beautiful circling back when the new Orange greets a new caterpillar with “Hello, Little One.” The artwork throughout is exquisite, and the back matter includes more details concerning the different stages of the Monarch’s life. This touching story of friendship and the life cycle exudes warmth and may elicit a few tears (from the parent) when you read with your little one.

For parents and educators:

Be sure to check out Vivian Kirkfield’s PPBF post for this title to see the fun butterfly crafts she recommends as well as the book’s trailer:

And check out this great interview with Zeena, also on Vivian’s blog: https://viviankirkfield.com/2020/05/23/zeena-pliska-will-write-for-cookies-plus-critique-giveaway/

(For a colossal collection of picture book reviews, please visit this page on Susanna’s site: http://susannahill.com/for-teachers-and-parents/perfect-picture-books/.)

9 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: Hello, Little One: A Monarch Butterfly Story

  1. This sounds like such a lovely book, Gabi. I used to always cry when reading Farfellina and Marcel to my son when he was little. It was about a caterpillar who befriends a gosling. When Farfellina disappears one day, Marcel waits and waits for his friend to return. One day a butterfly shows up and they feel like they know each other. I choke up just thinking about it. Anyway, looking forward to reading this new story!

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  2. I have been drawn to the Monarch Butterfly for years. So, I am thrilled to see this book and will share with grandchildren. Years ago, I wrote feature stories (newspaper) about the Monarch’s journey across Lake Erie every fall and where the farm they visited same day every year, covering the trees with resting Monarchs. Had a chance to see it happen — and what a sight it was. So, am anxious to see this book!

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  3. This sounds like a gorgeous book. I love the monarch butterfly – stunning in each of its life stages. I’m always pleased to read a picture book that gets the life stages of the butterfly correct and refers to the chrysalis corrrectly (such a beautiful word) rather than a cocoon (incorrectly). I look forward to reading this one.

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