Written by: Laura Perdew

Illustrated by: Adelina Lirius

Page Street Kids, 2020

For ages: 4-8

Themes/topics: imaginative play, sharing, friendship

First spread:

As the prince strutted toward his castle, he daydreamed about the royal feast he was planning. He imagined music and food and fun with friends.

But when he crossed over the moat to begin decorating, the prince discovered that the castle was not at all like he’d left it.

Summary (from the publisher):

Can a pirate and a prince learn to share?

In the fort in the woods, a prince is preparing his castle for a lively feast for the royal kingdom. Unbeknownst to him, a pirate uses the same fort as her ship, planning to venture out to the open seas in search of treasure. But when a treasure map appears on the prince’s party invitations, and the pirate finds that her sword has turned into a scepter, they realize there is an intruder in the castle―no, ship! Soon, a battle over the fort between the adversaries ensues, leading to a humorous showdown. When they make amends, their amazing imaginations come up with a new adventure…together.

Kids will revel in the spirited and imaginative battle and be thrilled by the turn of events. Dynamic and charismatic illustrations bring this witty tale and its celebration of sharing and teamwork to life.

Why I recommend this book:

My kids love forts – just like I did as a child. In a fort, your imagination can take wing, and the possibilities are endless. So I think readers will recognize the intriguing situation presented in THE FORT. While the fort is a castle for the prince, it’s also a ship for the pirate. How can it be both? The prince and the pirate fight for dominion over the fort, culminating in a hilarious battle with a surprising twist ending.

I love the authentic imaginative play depicted in this story and the uniquely childlike problem-solving. Parents and teachers will appreciate the celebration of sharing. The rich and colorful illustrations beautifully capture what each child imagines. And I adore the verdant flora surrounding the fort.

The final spreads, especially, speak to the magical power of the imagination!

(For a colossal collection of picture book reviews, please visit this page on Susanna’s site: http://susannahill.com/for-teachers-and-parents/perfect-picture-books/.)

4 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE FORT

  1. What a very clever idea for a story. I love how the two children use the fort in different ways. Reminds me of how my daughter used her fort on stilts as a school house with her BFF. But when our young grandsons arrived, they climbed all over the outside and used it very differently.

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