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Hello, there. And Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time once again for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny kidlit writing contest. This year, entries must feature someone “hopeful.” And, as always, the story must contain no more than 214 words.

After reading The Valentine’s Rooster, please check out all the fabulous Valentiny stories on Susanna’s blog.


The Valentine’s Rooster (214 words)

By Gabi Snyder

At the animal shelter, Rooster trembled.

His Valentine’s wish was for someone to take him home and love him.

On the inside, Rooster was as soft and cuddly as a chick.

But when people stopped at Rooster’s cage, they only saw his outside.

“He was a fighting rooster.”

“Looks mean.”


Rooster’s heart sank. Maybe he was unlovable.

The day before Valentine’s Day, a girl stopped at Rooster’s cage. “He’s trembling. Why is he all alone?”

“He’d peck another animal,” answered a man.

Rooster slumped. He would always be alone.

“Could a person hold him?” she asked.

Maybe I can be loveable. I’ll show her!

Rooster cocked his head and cooed.

Only his coo came out as “BAWK!”

“See?” said the man. “Ornery.”

“I’m not sure…” said the girl.

Then the girl went away, and night came.

Long. Dark. Lonely.

But a peck of hope had lodged in Rooster’s heart.

In the morning, the girl returned. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Rooster!”

The girl stroked his neck, and Rooster almost stopped trembling.

“Ahh,” she said. “You’re a lover, not a fighter.”

Rooster snuggled into the girl’s arms.

She rocked him and sang, “Rock-a-bye Rooster…”

He trilled softly and closed his eyes.

“You’re going home with me,” she whispered.

And Rooster lived happily, and cuddly, ever after.

28 thoughts on “2018 Valentiny Contest: The Valentine’s Rooster

  1. Gabi, this is so charming, with lots of memorable and emotional moments. I like the word “ornery” and the poetic, “Long. Dark. Lonely.” Brava!

    Liked by 1 person

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