In the midnight hour, I decided to post a second Halloweensie story! This one comes in at exactly 100 words.


Zombie Mommy


Every Halloween, Violet’s mom went all-out spooky.

“Nice zombie costume, Mom.”

“Barg,” said Zombie Mommy, devouring raw hamburger.

“I’ll make my own dinner,” said Violet.

Under a harvest moon, Zombie Mommy followed Violet trick-or-treating.

“Your mom looks ghostly.”

“She’s eating spiders!”

Franken-Dad approached.

“ARR!” Zombie Mommy lunged.

“Ow! She bit me!”

“Mom, you need help!”

Dr. Goodbody’s diagnosis: “See a psychologist.”

Dr. Feelgood’s analysis: “Find someone on the dark side.”

Madame Goodghost’s sooth-saying: “Beyond help.”

“Wait!” said Violet. “What does everyone need on Halloween? CHOCOLATE!”

Zombie Mommy wolfed Kit-Kats and Milky Ways. “It’s like I just returned from the dead.”

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